Welcome to Technical Chops

One of the most exciting elements of working within the tech industry is that there is always lot of ✨new✨.

New ideas, new products, new words, new technologies. New things are good. New things are shiny. But which new things are going to change the world? Which technologies are going to fundamentally change how we interact with the world? How do we differentiate between hype and practical utility? And what does this all mean for the vast majority of the world?

As a non technical person, and even as a technical person, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate between the simply new and shiny and the new, shiny and potentially world changing. I’m looking forward to exploring how new technologies could change the world, and what it means for our next rotation.

Over the past few years I’ve been paying particular attention to:

  • Open Source Software and its wider adoption and integration
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The evolution of software development and the speed with which the hard becomes easy
  • The deep integration of technology into every facet of our lives

I’m committing to one article a week exploring these topics and more. Follow along here or at @technicalchops on Twitter.

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